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January 6th

John Smith Affair

January 12th


Jan 19th

Lemon Tree

Jan 20th

Whisky Max

Jan 26th

Scarlet Religion

Jan 27th

Small Change

Jan 28th

The Peppers Machine

February 2nd

Paperback Edition

February 3rd

Virginia Wolf

February 4th

The Magazine

February 9th

Soul Express

February 10th

Robert Parker + The Quotations

February 11th

Johnny Neal Sound

February 16th

Penny Farthing

February 17th

Sun Trolley

February 18th

Graham Bond Organisation

February 23rd

From The Sun

Feb  24th

Skin Deep

February 25th

Bobby Ash Sound

March 1st

Clockwork Toys

March 2nd

John Smith Affair

March 3rd

The Light

March 8th

Pandora's Box

March 9th

The Time

March 10th

Hedgehoppers Anonymous

March 15th

Varsity Rag

March 16th

Brooklyn Pigeonflyers

March 17th

The Choice

March 22nd

Mosaic Sunset

March 23rd

Middle Earth

March 24th

Delroy Williams Show

March 29th

Scarlet Religion

March 30th

Stop Look Listen

March 31st

Chris Farlow and The Thunderbirds

April 5th

The G Clefs

April 6th

Tierney's Fugitives

April 7th

The Locomotive

April 12th (Fri)

Phoenix City Truth

April 14th (Sun)

The Moody Blues

April 15th (Mon)

The Big Idea

April 19th

Sugar Machine

April 20th

The Family

April 21st

87th Precinct

April 26th

Paperback Edition

April 27th

High Tension

April 28th

Sons and Lovers

May 3rd

J.J Jackson

May 4th

The Mint

May 5th

Twopenny Dream

May 10th

Chances Are

May 11th

Peppermint Creams

May 12th

Mandy and The Girlfriends

May 17th

Sight and Sound

May 18th

John Smith Affair

May 19th

O' Hara's Playboys

May 24th

The Fox

May 25th

Gospel Garden

May 26th

James & Bobby Purify

May 31st

Mosaic Sunset

June 1st

The Blades

June 2nd

Raw Meat Blues Band

June 7th

Soul Express

June 8th

Root and Jenny Jackson

June 9th

Six Across

June 14th

Penny Farthing

June 15th

Small Change

June 16th

Gospel Garden

June 21st

Big Idea

June 22nd

The Brand

June 23rd

Baker Street Ltd

June 28th

Half Price

June 29th

John Smith Affair

June 30th

Pandora's Box

July 5th

Mosaic Sunset

July 6th

Pepeprmint Creams

July 7th

Paperback Edition

July 12th

The Cortinas

July 13th

Patti LaBelle and The Belles

July 14th

The Wheels

July 19th

Basin Street Soul Band

July 20th

Dual Purpose

July 21st

Gospel Garden

July 26th

Chicago Line

July 27th

The Fox

July 28th

The Big Idea

Aug 2nd

Jalopy Ride

Aug 3rd

Varsity Rag

Aug 4th

The Choice

Aug 9th

Immediate Pleasure

Aug 10th

Kensington Mews

Aug 11th

Penny Farthing

Aug 16th

John Smith Affair

Aug 17th

87th Precinct

Aug 18th

Mad Dog Soul Show

Aug 23rd

Bakerloo Line

Aug 24th

Jam Sandwich

Aug 25th

Small Change

Aug 30th

Paperback Edition

Aug 31sr

Mosaic Sunset

Sept 1st

Lady Jane and Royaltee

Sept 6th

Second Time Around

Sept 7th

The Soul Package

Sept 8th

Dual Purpose

Sept 13th

Felice Taylor Band

Sept 14th

The Calmen Watewr

Sept 15th

Cherry Blossom Clinic

Sept 20th

The Choice

Sept 21st

The Variations

Sept 22nd

Blue Kats Klan

Sept 28th

Varsity Rag

Sept 29th

Gospel Garden

Oct 4th

Adges Convention

Oct 6th

Cuby and The Blizzards

Oct 11th

The Dairy

Oct 13th

Amboy Dukes

Oct 18th

The Avengers

Oct 20th


Oct 25th

Art Gallery

Oct 27th

Peighton Checks

Nov 1st

Baltimore Switch

Niov 3rd

Oscar Toney Junior

Nov 8th

The Red Star

Nov 10th

Travellers Express

Nov 15th

The Ebonites

Nov 17th

Monday Morning Glory Band

Nov 22nd

Woody Kern

Nov 23rd

J.J Jackson

Nov 24th

Edison's Phonograph

Nov 29th

Jude Brown Trust

Dec 1st

The Hammer

Dec 6th

The Soul Package

Dec 8th

Harvey Brookes Skuttle

Dec 13th

The Lubi Souls

Dec 20th

Watch Us Grow

Dec 24th

Angel Pavement

Dec 26th

The Inner Mind

Dec 27th

The Toyshop

Dec 29th

The Treacle