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The background of the band is an interesting one. Virgil inspired by his father Hendry, first showed interest in the guitar at the tender age of 4, by mimicking his father strumming chords. By the time he was 10 years old Virgil absorbing the material of his influences Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa at a voracious rate.

At 12 years of age Virgil was refused entry to an over 18s venue to see Otis Grand. Seeing his plight Otis took Virgil under his wing and had him sit side of stage on one of his spare amps under the pretense of being Otis’s nephew.  Otis called a wide eyed Virgil up for a jam. Resulting in a standing ovation and the crowd baying for more.

At 14 Virgil joined his fathers (Hendry) band ‘The Accelerators’. Virgil soon began to shine. Realizing the potential Hendry and fellow band member Hugh Morgan (OBE) had the foresight to get Virgil with musicians of his own generation. Thus Virgil and the Accelerators was born.

Brother Gabriel was an obvious choice for a drummer. With no previous experience (he had been doing well in the boxing ring) and the McMahon mojo flowing through his veins, he quickly showed signs of massive potential.

In 2009 the brothers moved to Birmingham (were they currently reside). This enables daily access to a rehearsal/recording studio and is the perfect base for touring.

2010 saw them struggling to find a new young bass player an advert was placed in a Birmingham music store. The first response to an advert was from current member Jack Alexander Timmis who uncannily lived within walking distance of the rehearsal studio. An immediate ‘band of brothers ‘ was formed. If the band is not touring, they are working in the studio 7 days a week. 100% focused and dedicated to being the best they can be.

2011 CD The Radium released. Very strong all original and extremely well received. Endless 5 star reviews and plentiful radio airplay.

Classic Rock Magazine ‘Best of 2011’

Blues Rock Review  ‘Best albums 2011’ 2nd only to the Black Keyes’

2013 DVD ‘Live At Marshall’ released. A stunning capture of the bands live set. Recorded in front of a sold out audience at Marshall Amplification HQ in Milton Keynes UK. Bravely the band insisted on one take and one take only.

Get Ready To Ready To Rock ‘Live at Marshall’ is all about an impassioned, young, road hardened power trio who launch themselves into a dazzling set based on a mutual understanding with their audience that enjoying yourself isn’t a crime. The resulting blistering rock, contrasting reflective bluesy moods and special dynamic moment captured by the multi camera shoot is everything you would want from a real live album’

Firebrand Magazine - ‘as a trio there is not much around who can touch them. The way vigil wields his guitar would scare even the most seasoned pro. They are simply that good.

A relentless touring schedule with big names such as Michael Schenker, Uriah Heep, Johnny Winter and  Wilko Johnson has seen the band gaining a solid and  loyal fan base. Major european festival main stage appearances and a selection of promo gigs in Germany, Holland and Belgium and Spain has ensured that they will be dominating the european scene in the very near future.

In summary, Virgil is a rare natural talent and a true master of his instrument. Gabriel a formidable drummer and Jack’s impressive bass skills all combine to deliver what appears to a telepathic ‘tour de force’. The bond between them is something rarely seen these days, in a scene where the spotlight is always on the front man and rhythm section is secondary.

November 2013 sees the band working on its highly anticipated 2nd all original album with legendary Grammy nominated producer Chris Tsangerides (Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Bruce Dickinson etc). Expected release date date March 2014.

Friday 28th March 2014

The Venue




The Radium (2011)

Live at Marshall (2013)


Virgil McMahon - Lead guitar and vocals

Gabriel McMahon - Drums and backing vocals

Jack Alexander Timmis - Bass and backing vocals